HP Planet Partners Program
HP's industry-leading recycling program, HP Planet Partners, allows you to easily recycle your Original HP ink and LaserJet cartridges for free. To date, customers have returned 784 million cartridges to HP Planet Partners for recycling. What's more, many of those materials get put to use again. HP's multi-phase "closed loop" recycling process uses cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners as raw material to produce new Original HP ink and LaserJet cartridges.

By offering several convenient return options, HP makes it easier than ever to recycle HP supplies. Simply drop off cartridges at any HP Authorized Retail Collection Location across Canada or print out a free postage-paid shipping label online. You can also order other shipping supplies online for free, including a bulk box and pallet pick-up for large quantities.

Your participation makes this program a success. Whether you return one cartridge or 500, you're making a difference.

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Did you know?
  • Original HP cartridges returned through HP Planet Partners are never sent to a landfill, and HP never refills or resells Original HP cartridges
  • Today more than 80% of Original HP ink cartridges and 100% of Original HP toner cartridges are now manufactured with recycled content.1
  • HP has produced more than 3.9  billion Original HP ink and toner cartridges that contain recycled content.
  • HP has used over 4  billion recycled plastic bottles to manufacture new Original HP ink or toner cartridges.
  • If all the HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges that customers recycled through HP Planet Partners were laid end to end along the Equator, they would circle the Earth 3 times.2
180% of Original HP ink cartridges contain between 45-70% recycled content. 100% of Original HP toner cartridges contain between 5-38% post-consumer or post-industrial recycled content. Does not include toner bottles. See www.hp.com/go/recycledcontent for list.
2The earth's circumference is 24,902 miles/40,075 kilometers
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