Box Collection + Delivery
Please complete the form below by entering the number of boxes that you want to get collected and the number of new collection boxes that you want to be delivered to you1. You can add 1 to 10 boxes per order for each service (collection and delivery considered separately). This service is provided to you free of charge.

To prevent collection issues and to help us reduce the environmental footprint of our operation, please make sure that the quantity of boxes entered for collection is accurate and that the correct box type has been selected. If you are unsure about which type of box you have waiting to get collected, please visually check the box dimensions and the cartridge type (LaserJet or Inkjet) printed on top of your box before placing your order.
Bulk Returns
Box Collection + Delivery
For returning customers who have HP cartridge collection boxes fully packed with HP cartridges and want these to be picked up, and who also want to order additional HP cartridge collection boxes at the same time1.
HP LaserJet supplies

Small LaserJet collection box
Large LaserJet collection box
Item Coll Qty Del Qty

Capacity: 15 to 20 toner cartridges
Dimensions: 60x40x60 cm
Max. quantity of boxes per order: 10

Capacity: 25 to 30 toner cartridges
Dimensions: 60x50x76 cm
Max. quantity of boxes per order: 10
HP Inkjet supplies

Small inkjet cartridge collection box
Large inkjet cartridge collection box
Item Coll Qty Del Qty

Capacity: 100 to 120 ink cartridges
Dimensions: 40x30x30 cm
Max. quantity of boxes per order: 10

Capacity:150 to 200 ink cartridges
Dimensions: 40x30x60 cm
Max. quantity of boxes per order: 10

* Some inkjet cartridges and LaserJet supplies can not be returned. Click here to see the list of non-returnable supplies.




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1Please notice that box deliveries and collections are not fulfilled simultaneously or by the same carriers. Box collections can possibly take place as early as the next working day following the original order date while deliveries normally take longer. Please do not order a box collection + delivery if you still need an HP collection box to pack your cartridges. In this case, please order a box delivery first. After you have received your HP collection box and packed your cartridges, you can then request a box collection. 

IMPORTANT:  HP Planet Partners - HP LaserJet and inkjet print cartridge return & recycling programme is only available for end-users who have used HP original cartridges in the manner for which they are intended. Please do not use the HP Return and Recycling Programme for defective supplies. Defective supplies which are still under warranty as described in the specific HP supplies warranty statement should be exchanged with an authorised dealer or service centre. Used supplies which are inadvertently sent to the HP Return and Recycling Programme can not be returned.