Non-returnable supplies
The below list of supplies can not be recycled through the HP Planet Partners programme.

Please do not use this programme for non-HP cartridges, refilled or remanufactured cartridges or warranty returns. Such materials can not be accepted into this programme.

Also, printing supplies which are not at end of life or other objects that may have value are sometimes inadvertently sent to the HP Planet Partners programme. These materials are not tracked and can not be returned.

HP LaserJet returnable supplies include print cartridges, drum kits, fuser kits*, transfer kits*, collection kits* and cleaning kits*. HP LaserJet toner bottles are not returnable.

*Individual return labels cannot be used to return these products, so please use our collection boxes to return these supplies along with your used HP LaserJet cartridges.

HP LaserJet supplies 
HP Inkjet supplies 
HP LaserJet supplies
HP LaserJet supplies
Part number  Description
C3102A HP Color LaserJet cyan toner bottle
C3103A HP Color LaserJet yellow toner bottle
C3104A HP Color LaserJet magenta toner bottle
C3105A HP Color LaserJet black toner bottle
Q3681C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q3682C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q3683C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q5701C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q5702C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q5703C HP LaserJet black toner bottle
Q5920C Black toner bottle
Q5921C Cyan toner bottle
Q5922C Yellow toner bottle
Q5923C Magenta toner bottle
HP Inkjet supplies
HP Inkjet supplies
Part number  Description
51604A Black Inkjet Print Cartridge
51605B Colour inkjet print cartridges (blue)
51605R Colour inkjet print cartridges (red)
51650CE HP 50 Cyan Inkjet Print Cartridge (42ml)
51650ME HP 50 Magenta Inkjet Print Cartridge (42ml)
51650YE HP 50 Yellow Inkjet Print Cartridge (42ml)
92261A HP Black cartridge
C4801A HP 10 Cyan Printhead
C4821A HP 80 Cyan Printhead and Printhead Cleaner
C4841A HP 10 Cyan Ink cartridge
C4846A HP 80 Cyan Ink Cartridge (350ml)
C4872A HP 80 Cyan Ink Cartridge (175ml)
C4891A HP 80 Cyan Value Pack-Printhead and 350 ml Ink Cartridge
51644C HP Cyan cartridge
C6602A HP Black generic Inkjet print cartridge
CB271A HP 790 Black Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB272A HP 790 Cyan Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB273A HP 790 Magenta Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB274A HP 790 Yellow Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB275A HP 790 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB276A HP 790 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge(1000ml)
CB285A HP 780 Black Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB286A HP 780 Cyan Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB287A HP 780 Magenta Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB288A HP 780 Yellow Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB289A HP 780 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB290A HP 780 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge(500ml)
CB291A HP 780 Waste Ink Bottle
CB293A HP 790 Wiper Cleaning Kit
CB294A HP 790 Cap Cleaning Kit
CB296A HP 790 Ink Cleaning system Kit
CB297A HP 790 Ink system Storage Kit
CB299A HP 790 Waste Ink Bottle
CB301A HP 780 Wiper Cleaning Kit
CB302A HP 780 Cap Cleaning Kit
CB303A HP 780 Cleaning Kit - Kyoto
CB308A HP 780 Ink system Storage Kit
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