HP Hardware Recycling

Shipping direct to HP

You may find the suggestions below helpful to ensure that your Acceptable Computer Hardware arrives safely and intact at the HP designated recycling facility when using the HP Computer Hardware Recycling Service for the U.S. and Canada. These suggestions address ground shipping only, and do not take the place of any regulatory requirements that may apply.

Note: instructions provided address ground shipping only, if using HP for shipping, other instructions will be provided.

Step 1: select and prepare your box(es)

Select boxes that are sturdy enough to hold and protect the Computer Hardware that you wish to ship. You are not required to use new boxes, the important thing is that the boxes you choose are in good condition and are adequately sturdy (no holes, tears, or signs of water damage or crushing). If you do not have an appropriate box, a packaging material retail center or packaging service center in your area should be able to assist you in identifying and supplying a suitable box.

Reminder: Some carriers restrict the size and weight of the completed package. A typical maximum size for each box is approximately 24" x 24" x 24" and the maximum weight total for each box is 150 pounds. CONSULT WITH YOUR CHOSEN CARRIER FOR SPECIFIC LIMITS.

Tape all seams on the bottom of the box shut with generous amounts of durable, wide (approximately 2-inch or greater) packaging tape. If you are using an old box, ensure that it is clean enough to allow tape to adhere.

Step 2: pack your computer hardware in the box(es)

Figure 1. Ensure that any hardware containing batteries is powered-off, and packed so as to remain off.

Place computer hardware in the box(es), surrounding them with generous amounts of cushioning material (such as bubble wrap, foam, etc.) on all sides. If you are shipping a monitor, place it on its side as shown in Figure 1, with cushioning materials between the glass and the box. If you are shipping other computer hardware in the same box as a monitor, place them around the monitor as shown in Figure 1.

Step 3: close and label your box(es)

  • Tape each box closed, cover all seams with generous amounts of durable, wide (approximately 2-inch or greater) packaging tape.
  • Write "FRAGILE" and draw an "up arrow" on each box with a durable marker as shown in Figure 1. Individual states may have additional management, including labeling, requirements².
¹ See the Service Agreement to identify Acceptable Computer Hardware.

² To research regulatory requirements that may apply in your location, you may wish to contact your state or provincial environmental agency. Links to U.S. state environmental agencies may be found at http://www.epa.gov/epahome/state.htm. Household / personal residences typically are subject to fewer requirements. For example, in some U.S. states, generators may be required to label computer hardware destined for recycling as universal waste, but households typically are exempt..